Jeans are more than just a piece of clothing. They do not only last for a season. Jeans blend with the body, are molded by the body into an indissoluble whole, becoming one with the wearer in a sublime symbiosis. Jeans reflect just who we are – slipped on in seconds, shaped over the years as the fabric adapts to and enhances every single curve and fold.
This is why they’re so sexy. This is why they’re still so rebellious, still a symbol of dressing and thinking outside the box. Above all, this is what makes them so unique. No two pairs are ever the same, just as no two people are ever the same. Yet there’s nothing haute couture or high class about jeans. They’re democratic.



Claudio Buziol registers the REPLAY brand.


Fashion Box, specialising in casual shirts, is founded.


Replay reinvents double-ring denim jeans. In just two years production reaches one million garments.


The Replay total look is expanded to thousandsof articles in the collection. A kids’ clothing line, REPLAY&SONS, is launched.


Replay branches into underwear design. The group expands to new Asian and Middle East markets.


Fashion Box builds its new 25,000 m2 headquarters in Asolo near Treviso.


September sees the opening of a new 800 m2 store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, which marks a new beginning in the Retail concept.


The Sugi International Limited in Hong Kong signs a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of shoes under the REPLAY and REPLAY&SONS brands.


WE ARE REPLAY, the Group’s high-end jeans wear line, makes its appearance.


The Replay brand celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Abbey of San Gregorio in Venice.


Autumn sees the arrival of the new Replay Fragrances, the Replay Time&Jewel (watches and jewellery) and the Replay Underwear lines.


The company boasts a total of 200 stores.
The Replay on-line flagship store opens in May.


Equibox Holding S.p.A. acquires 51% of Fashion Box. The new Retail concept is introduced to the flagship stores in Milan and Paris and celebrated with internationally-acclaimed events attended by celebrities from the world of music and entertainment.


The Replay brand celebrates its 30th anniversary. The new Retail concept is also applied to the Barcelona and London stores. A number of important international openings take place with the company strengthening trade development in the Asian market. The Fashion Box Japan branch, direct distributor of all the brands, opens.


The Dragon Box Trading subsidiary opens in March with the task of guiding trade activities in China. The company continues to develop the Retail channel worldwide. In July the opening ceremony for the first Chinese flagship store in Beijing (500 m2), in the Sanlitun Village, is held. The new Replay store in Daikanyama, in the centre of Tokyo, opens at the end of August.


Replay signs a four-year deal with FC Barcelona to provide the first team, and the rest of the club’s sportsmen and women, with clothing and footwear.


The new Milan Replay Flagship store Replay The Stage opens. Designed like a film set with a variety of breathtaking backdrops, this spectacular store sees customers become characters in their own fantasy film. Replay The Stage re-defines the popular concept of retail experience.


International star player and Captain of the Brazil national football team, Neymar Jr., joins Replay as ambassador for a three year contract.


The Corporate structure and ownership welcomes Belle International as shareholder, with Equibox maintaining majority and control of the Company.


Neymar Jr. and Replay confirm their synchronicity and renew their partnership for another 3 years.


Replay starts a 4 year partnership as “Official Denim Partner” with Paris Saint-Germain football club.


Neymar Jr. and Replay launch a co-branded NJR | Replay Capsule Collection. Replay signs a four year agreement with legendary rugby Team All Blacks to become their “Official Formalwear and Denimwear Partner” as well as a four year endorsement wih Ajax FC.


Retail has always been a powerful strategic lever for the brand’s international development and an effective way of projecting company image and philosophy. Hence the launch of the Stores Project in 1990. Now numbering 200 mono-brand stores and as many (190) corners and shop-in-shops, the innovative design of Replay stores expresses the products’ authenticity in a strikingly original context.

The Replay Stores concept aims to go beyond the classic idea of a store as a mere container displaying goods where quantitative and aesthetic factors dominate, by examining the emotions connected to nature and organised space, and the desire to find somewhere reinvigorating, even in the heart of the city. Thus, the perception of emotions is the starting point of the revolutionary Replay project that is manifest in the exciting, refreshing store design that man- ages to express both the Replay brand philosophy and the spirit of the city in which it is located.

While natural materials like wood and iron evoke industrial archaeology, a skilled human hand has transformed the interiors to create a perfect balance between art, matter and sensorial impact. The Milan Replay flagship store, Replay The Stage, takes the retail concept even further. Inspired by denim’s connection to the movie and theatre world, the store is a dynamic film set where customers star in an ever-changing cinematic spectacle: they ascend a large, open industrial steel staircase in the centre of the space and see equipment and elements that make up a true Hollywood stage. The rough- polished concrete floor leads to various painted stage sets, each of which reveals its special function; a sun-cracked abandoned barn in the American mid-west is mysteriously full of jeans, the Tailor Shop is a fully-working premises where customers may be measured and have a pair of jeans custom-made. Replay The Stage is a multi-level experience that is fun, enthralling and conveys a glimpse of movie magic and the creative process.